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    I am a software engineer and entrepreneur living in San Francisco, CA. Currently, I am working on personal projects. In the recent past I was Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Droplet Health, CTO MedXT, Engineer at Box, PM at Facebook. I have many interests including but not limited to: software engineering, the future of healthcare, virtual currencies and payments, software as a service, traveling and global living.

    Where I'm from

    I am from Palo Alto, CA and my parents met when they were at Stanford.  My mother is from the Philippines and my father is from India. I am a dual-citizen US/Philippines.  Notable things about me: I am very optimistic and very tall.
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    Visiting Partner

    Helping with the W2021 YC batch.


    We develop at home diagnostics for industry and healthcare applications. Acquired by Kit.com.

    Software Engineer
    Box acquired my company MedXT in 2014, and now I'm on the engineering team working on medical data.  Try viewing your X-rays on Box!
    Co-Founder and CTO
    MedXT is a medical imaging platform designed for telemedicine.  If you wanted to add telemedicine services to your practice made software to help you do it. We served hospitals, imaging centers and clinics worldwide.  
    We were based in San Francisco and participated in YCombinator (W13).
    Product Manager, Platform, Payments and Android
    At Facebook I worked on the Developer Platform, including the payments system and Facebook Credits.  We built the global payments network with 80+ payment methods for developers, gifts, advertisers and more.
    I am a payments and virtual currency enthusiast.
    B.S. and M.Engg Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    I did my undergrad and masters at MIT, including thesis work at the Media Lab (Human Dynamics)

    I try to help entrepreneurs and students get their foot in the door

    University of Nebraska Lincoln Raikes School

    Board Member

    Helping some of the top students in the state of Nebraska have great careers in tech. Read about The Raikes School and the board.

    Pioneer Fund

    Venture Partner

    Helping early stage entrepreneurs get their idea off the ground. Specialize in SaaS, healthcare and regulated industries, applications of machine learning, engineering best practices. Read about The Pioneer Fund.


    Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live. - Mark Twain

  • Writing & Articles

    Female Founder Stories

    Read my company's story on Y Combinator Female Founder Stories website.

    Bitcoin FAQ

    My responses to the top questions I have been asked on Bitcoin.  Based on my experiences with payments and payment systems and with Bitcoin itself.

    Obstacles to the Cloud in Healthcare

    Why do you have to enter your information again and again every time you go to the doctor?  There are serious obstacles to cloud in healthcare.  Based on my learnings in building MedXT.

    Box's Big Data Triple Threat

    Interview with me and my colleagues Heidi Williams and Divya Jain in Fortune.

    This was the article that covered some of the AI and Machine Learning stuff I was doing at Box! I think the article portrays me as Aaron's gopher though.

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    reshma_k @ alum.mit.edu